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"Smartick is an intelligent, sophisticated program that individually targets each student's own needs."

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Get your own personal AI math tutor. Our award winning artificial intelligence adapts to your child's learning style.

of children have improved their

math skills

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of children have improved their

school grades in math

Children from over 100 countries are future-proofing their career as they work with Smartick.

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For children ages 4 to 14.

The best individualized attention in math, avoiding costly tutoring and learning centers.

Give your child  

a brighter future.

Go beyond math, develop a growth mindset for life.   

It's not just an app  

Smartick is a unique learning experience with a rigorous methodology.

Take math beyond automated calculation. With Smartick, children also develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The only program combining 

Math + Reading Comprehension + Logic and Reasoning

All-in-one product. Help your child gain an academic advantage. 

The Smartick methodology alternates math with logic and reasoning sessions, enriched with a daily layer of reading comprehension. It will maximize your child's performance.

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence

Smartick designs a calibrated study plan that adapts to your child, honing their math skill and developing a hard-working mindset while leaving the frustration behind.

15 minutes a day is all they need. Smartick prioritizes your child's individual math needs, looking past their age and grade.

Whether they struggle or excel in math, Smartick adapts to your child.

Optimal screen time: only 15 minutes a day.



Featured on Apple's App Store as the best educational app for iPad

"Smartick tackles a major socio-economic issue affecting Western children, notably in the U.S.: the poor level of math education, lagging far behind their peers from several countries in Asia."

“I am particularly excited about Smartick because it reflects everything that we have been researching about education in mathematics.”

Lori Breslow | Ph.D. and professor at the MIT

"Smartick was featured in Apple Store as the best educational app in the universe"

"Smartick’s methodology includes highly-focused, short bursts of practice with lessons that continually adapt to a child’s needs and progress."

"Smartick’s methodology includes highly-focused, short bursts of practice with lessons that continually adapt to a child’s needs and progress."

Smartick Coding

We developed Coding® to teach basic coding concepts using blocks, a methodology used by the best coding programs for children.

Your child will learn the computational, critical and rational thinking, these alternative areas of knowledge will maximize their school performance.

Integrated into the Smartick methodolgy, alternating 10 math sessions with one of Coding®, complementing the logic sessions.